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A monthly test is held in every class right from May along with daily class work and homework in all subjects.

• Three term exams are conducted in the months of September, December and March. Continuous evaluation is done with the help of projects and assignments, oral test.

Art and craft is must in all classes.

Library is also compulsory where books are issued to students for a week.

• Promotions will be decided on the average marks obtained in the Terminal and Final Examinations in addition to the year’s work including the unit test. To pass in any subject, a student has to secure 35% marks except for languages. Any students who losses the progress card will be fined Rs. 25/-.

• Those students who are absent for any of the termination is punishable with expulsion from terminal/unit examination will not be tested earlier or later.

• Willful breach of any of the regulations for the conduct of Examination is punishable with expulsion from examination or if subsequently discovered cancelling of paper.

Mirzapur Lions public School Syllabus for Entrance Test:-

Class – I


  1. Match the pictures with words. 2. Opposites. 3. Animal and their young ones. 4. Fill in the blanks (pictures will be given) 5. Rhyming words. 6. Making sentences. 7. Fill in the blanks with missing letters. 8. See the pictures and answer the questions (orally) 9. Colouring of given pictures.


  1. Simple addition and subtraction up to 19. 2. Lesser, greater, equal. 3. Before, after, in between. 4. Place value. 5. Write in words till 10. 6. Colour the bigger or smaller one. 7. Tick the longer, taller one.

Mirzapur Lions public School Syllabus for Entrance Test

Class – II  :Ø

  1. Simple Opposites 2. Singular & Plurals 3. Simple fill in the blanks 4. Framing Sentences 5. Naming objects 6. Answers to simple questions to test the general awareness for example:- Name of the month 7. Fill in the blanks (use is or are) 8. Fill in the blanks (use has or have)
  2. Mathematics:Ø Addition sums with carry over 2. Subtraction sums 3. Write the number names and numerals – 1 to 100 4. Put ( ¿ ) or ( ¿ ) or (=) 5. What comes after before & in between – 1 to 500 6. Write the missing numbers for example:- 275,276,277, _____, ______, _______. 7. Show O’clock timings in the clock drawn 8. Table of 2, 3, 4 & 5

Mirzapur Lions public School Syllabus for Entrance Test

Class – III

 English :Ø

  1. Noun (Naming words) b. Verb (Doing words) c. Adjective (Describing words) d. Opposites e. Number Noun (Plurals) f. Make sentences g. Use of full stop and capital letter h. Paragraph on general topic i. Picture composition


  1. All the concepts with 3 digits numbers. 2. Writing numbers in words and figures 3. Writing before and after numbers (predecessor-successors 4. Greater ( ¿ ) and smaller ( ¿ ) numbers 5. Addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing numbers 6. Problem with statements ( addition, subtraction) 7. Filling up place holders. Example: _____ + 5 = 20 2 x _____ = 10 15 – ____ = 9 8. Multiplication table up to 10 9. Telling the time 10. Value of money 11. Place value 12. Ascending and Descending order 13. Skip counting _ e.g. 13, 14, 15 _____ ? 14. Greatest – smallest and for numerals from the digit given. 15. Shapes and fraction.

Mirzapur Lions public School Syllabus for Entrance Test

Class – IV

English :Ø

 Use of a, an, theØ  Parts of speech (Noun, Verb, etc.)Ø  Use of Punctuation mark capital letter.Ø  Paragraph writingØ  Number NounØ  OppositesØ  ComprehensionØ


  1. (a) Write in words ( till-9,999) (b) Write in numerals till (9,999) (c) Fill in the missing digits in simple mathematical statements, with four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) (d) To complete the pattern series. Expand notation, predecessor, successor, ascending order. 2. Addition of four digit numbers. 3. Subtraction including borrowing 4. Multiplication and division with two digits multiplier and divisor respectively. 5. Problems with statements, based on all the four fundamental operations. 6. Measurements 7. Time 8. Calendar 9. Money 10. Table 2-16 11. Roman number 1-50 12. Simple Fraction

Mirzapur Lions public School Syllabus for Entrance Test

Class – V

English: -Ø 1. Parts of speech (Noun, pronoun, verb etc) 2. Tense (Present, Past, Future) 3. Use of punctuation mark & capital letters. 4. Use of articles (a, an, the) 5. Paragraph writing 6. Letter writing (informal) 7. Comprehension  Mathematics:Ø 1. Place Value 2. Number names 3. Multiplication Table (2-20) 4. Roman Numerals (1 to 100) 5. Descending and Ascending order 6. Using >, < or = 7. Calendar 8. Time 9. Money 10. Measurements (Conversion of m. to cm; km to m, l to ml; kg to gm etc) 11. Fraction 12. Four basic operations 13. Story problems based on four basic operation including borrowing. 14. Prime factors, HCF, LCM.

Mirzapur Lions public School Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – VI

 EnglishØ • Composition • Letter Writing (informal) • Comprehension (unseen passage) with questions on content. • Grammar 1. Use of Articles 2. Punctuation 3. Opposites 4. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs 5. Correct spellings

 Mathematics: -Ø

  1. Basic idea of plane figures. (Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon) B. Area and perimeter of squares and rectangle C. Multiplication and division D. Fractional numbers E. Different shapes (Cylinder, cone, cube, cuboids) F. Measuring the length of an object with the help of a scale G. Conversion of: 1. Rupees into Paisa 2. Kilogram into Gram 3. Meter into Centimeter H. Statistics tally marks and frequency of given data. I. Decimals J. Roman Numbers K. Circles, Triangles L. Basic Geometrical


  1. Human body b. Plants c. Deficiency of nutrients and its effects d. Diseases and their prevention e. Natural Calamities f. Force, work and energy g. Simple machines the physical features of India. h. The physical features of India. i. The story of freedom struggle (1857-1947) j. Fundamental rights k. Sushruta

Mirzapur Lions public School Syllabus for Entrance Test

Class – VII


  1. Knowledge of the following is necessary: 2. Composition writing 3. Informal letter writing 4. Answering comprehension questions change of direct speech into indirect speech 5. Change or direct speech into indirect speech 6. Tenses – the correct form of verb. 7. Punctuation 8. Active and passive voice 9. Use of prepositions 10. Use of conjunctions 11. Word formation –prefix, suffix synonyms and antonyms MathematicsØ Numbers: Addition , subtraction, multiplication, division and comparison of whole numbers, fractional numbers and decimal. HCF, LCM of whole numbers, simplification of experiments involving whole numbers, fraction, mixed numbers decimals and more than one more that one operation. Commercial Maths: Profit and loss percentage and everyday life problems involving percentage calculation. Ratio and proportion, unitary method. Area & Volume: Perimeter and area of rectangle and square, volume of a cube and a cuboids. Geometry Angle: Concept of an angel, interior and exterior of an angle, construction and measurement of an angel using protector. Triangles: Characteristics of a triangle, classification of triangles on the basis of their sides/ angle using protector. Circle: Terms associated with a circle viz, centre, radius, diameter and circumference. Construction of circle with given radius. Relationship between radius and circumference.  PhysicsØ Motion & measurement of distance B. Light, Shadows and reflection C. Electricity and circuit D. Fun with magnetic  ChemistryØ 1. Water 2. Air around us 3. Fiber to fabric 4. Sorting materials into groups 5. Separation of substances 6. Changes around us.  BiologyØ a. Components of food b. Food, where does it come from c. Getting to know plants d. Body movement e. Living organism and their surroundings f. Garbage in and Garbage out.

Mirzapur Lions public School Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – VIII 

EnglishØ a. Composition 1. Reflective or expository 2. Descriptive 3. Argumentative b. Letter writing (Formal & informal) 1. Friendly letters including social letters and notes of invitations. 2. Letters of application c. Unseen passage d. Punctuation e. Grammar 1. Parts of speech 2. Tenses 3. Reported speech 4. Preposition 5. Word formation 6. Correction of sentences with common errors.  MathematicsØ 1. Integers Properties of addition, subtraction and multiplication of integers 2. Fraction and Decimals: Multiplication and division of fractions and decimal numbers. 3. Simple Equations 4. Lines and Angels: Complimentary and supplementary angles, adjacent angles, linear pair, vertically opposite angle, angels made by a transversal. 5. The triangle and its properties: Median, Altitude, Exterior angle of a triangle and its properties, angle sum property of a triangle, Pythagoras property, sum of the length of two sides of a triangle. 6. Congruence of triangles: Criteria for congruence of triangles. 7. Commercial maths: Ratio and proportion, percentage, simple interest, profit and loss. 8. Rational numbers: Positive and negative rational numbers, rational number on a number line, rational number in standard from, operation of rational numbers. 9. Practical geometry: Constructing a line parallel to a given line, construction of triangles. 10. Perimeter and area: Perimeter and area of square, rectangle, triangle. Circumference and area of a circle. 11. Algebraic expressions: Terms of an expression, coefficients, lie and unlike terms. Monomials, binominals, trinomials, polynomials, addition and subtraction of algebraic expressions, finding the value of an expression. 12. Exponents and Powers: laws of exponents, decimal number system, expression large numbers in the standard form.  Physics:Ø a. Heat b. Motion and time c. Electric circuit and its effect d. Light e. Wind storm and cyclone  ChemistryØ a. Fibre to fabric (Wool and Silk) b. Physical and chemical change c. Acid, base and salt d. Water – a precious resource e. Waste water story  BiologyØ a. Nutrition in plants b. Nutrition in animals c. Soil d. Respiration in organism e. Transportation in plants and animals f. Reproduction in plants g. Forest our Life line h. Weather, climate and adaptation of animals to climate.