Welcome to Mirzapur Lions Public School.

For Admissions Contact-05442-245066,8738852400


05442-245066, 8738852400


Bhujwa Ki Chowki ,Rewa Road

Mirzapur (U.P)


123 456 789


Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

About Us

Welcome to Our School

The MIRZAPUR LIONS PUBLIC SCHOOL was established at Bhujwa Ki Chowki , Rewa Road, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh(U.P) the school has been striving hard in meeting its objectives of providing holistic education. That’s because the LIONS FAMILY is committed to a non profit, non proprietary pursuit of educational excellence since inception. In doing so, the society provides an inclusive education to its students contributing to individual and national progress

Mrs. Sushmita Khan, the Principal has 15 years experience in the Lions family from 2003.
Today’s world is full of challenges and what a child needs is confidence and power of the inner soul that will help him / her take the challenges in his/her stride. We at Lions Public School Mirzapur, empower the child with that strength and self confidence that will make our students stand much above the others. We have little control over how board and other external examinations are evaluated and also over direction and nature of admissions that follow thereafter. But we certainly influence the factor which determines as to how children will deal with the outcomes. In all the school years we work towards building a sense of confidence, independent of external evaluations. We help the children deflect the effect of disappointments they may face during later years as well as train them to accept successgracefully.

Our endeavor at Lions Public School is not only to make our students literate but also educated, to be able to decide between the right & the wrong and to be able to take their decisions independently. Teaching here extends beyond the four walls of the class room as we provide umpteen opportunities for personality development as well as academic excellence. Use of latest teaching technologies help the students reach greater heights while they are motivated to stretch their limits still a little further and this leads to growth. In other words we go beyond “Simply Covering the Syllabus”

Home Visit / Community:-

In the Month of March our staff goes for home visit regularly to motivate parents into seeking admission and also discussing the performance of the students already in school.

Parents Teachers are held regularly for feedbacks and interactions.

Teachers are in regular touch with the parents informing them about the problems of their children and taking suggestions as well.